Join Us for a Fun Weekend of Contra Dancing!

This dance weekend is a long-held dream of Tonya and Dwayne Johnson and is held in an idyllic rustic venue. Don’t let that frighten you away as there is running water, fine dining, and dry lodging available. One can enjoy tent or RV camping, shared cabin bunkhouses, and shared lodging. Also enjoy hiking, swimming, possibly rock wall climbing, a chance at a boat ride around the lake, or just a quiet respite in the sun or shade. The dances will be held in a wonderful air-conditioned, well-lit gymnasium with a sprung wood gym floor and adequate free parking.

*** Compare to average Urban Dance weekend - Dance $110 - $130, Hotels ~ $180, 5 meals ~ $20 ea. Total ~$390 - $410 per person. Traffic, Driving back and forth after arriving at the event, Find Parking, City Noise, Theft, Hassle - Hassle - Hassle!

Come Enjoy with friends at this beautiful rural dance weekend on the lake! Swimming welcomed. There are lifeguards on duty at certain times.

Children welcome - Meals/Lodging only for children (ages 5-11) have reduced prices. There are no special children's programs planned. Please do not allow children to roam freely about the dance floor.

All discounts are for the dancing portion of the weekend only!

Goshen GoDancing members reduced price. (20%) 

Volunteer to help with the weekend. (30%) 

Adults 18-30 and over age 80 may dance at a reduced price. (30%) 

Students also may dance at a reduced price - with valid student ID. (40%) 

Children 12 - 17 may dance at a reduced price. (60%)

There are no discounted meals/lodging for any children older than 11 or any adults.

Sorry - Discounts may not be stacked. One per order. If different persons in your order qualify for different discounts, please make separate orders.

There is a full kitchen and refrigeration available in the Oak Haven Lodge.

** If you believe that you qualify for a reduced price --- Please contact Tonya, before you purchase so that she can give you the code! 

Students will need to send a copy of your valid, current student ID to [email protected] to get the discount code.

Musical Performers

Critter du Jour

This is a wonderful contra dance band from Indianapolis. "The number of musicians has frequently changed over the years, but the through line is Fred plays piano and I play the fiddle. Jill Moore is playing with guitar with us now and dancers seem to like what we’re doing".


This band consists of:


Jill Moore - Guitar

Tom Yeiser - Fiddle

Fred Haver - Piano

Pimento Mori

Pimento Mori is a fabulous contra dance band based out of Ann Arbor, MI. It is a contra dance band consisting of two fiddles, a flute and a guitar. Their music is heavily influenced by French-Canadian Reels and American Swing. This band's style is often referred to as energetic and powerful, with catchy countermelodies and driving rhythms.


The band consists of:


Michael Bean - Guitar

Louis Henschen - Fiddle

Grant Flick, V. Cieri - Fiddle

Rose Martus - Flute


Dalene Underwood

Darlene hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is an extraordinary caller who is well seasoned to dance weekends. Her dances are lively and entertaining. She will also call a square dance workshop. They will be fun, so do not miss them.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne is a wonderfully powerful and energetic caller from Elkhart, IN. He is well-known for seamlessly melding the abilities novice and experienced dancers allowing for an enjoyable experience on the dance floor for everyone. It has been requested that he call his Four Face Four dances again. This should be fun. Don't miss his calling this weekend.

Jo Mortland

Jo Mortland of the Chicago Barn Dance company in Chicago, IL, is a long time, hard-core contra dancer and a dance caller since 2000. Her style includes clear instruction, fun, dances, that flow well, and a challenge if the time is right! She is truly extraordinary when it comes to teaching Dutch Crossing.

Location Information

  • Quaker Haven Camp
  • 111 EMS D16C Lane, Syracuse, IN, 46567 US

Tickets will have an administrative fee and a credit card fee applied when purchased.
Please select your choices and the number associated with each choice.
Please enter name and email where asked so we can keep a record of each section. 

There are several discounts if you qualify.  Dancing tickets only.
Only one discount code can be used per order.

GoDancing Member - 20%
Volunteer Help - 30%
Dancers 18-30 and 80+ - 30%
Student - 40% 

Dancers 12-17 - 60%

* email Tonya and send a copy of a valid ID to get the student discount code.
* email Tonya to get the other discount codes.
The contact e-mail address for Tonya is - [email protected]

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Contra Dances


Dance Admission

Please register here for the weekend dances. Choose from the full weekend experience or individual dancing events as desired.



Cabins, Tents, Lodge, RV


Regular Meals in the Dining Hall

GF/DF Meals

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Dining in the Red Cottage


Group Leisure Activities Available


Saturday AM Dance Workshops

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